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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mounting a Harris Bipod on My Smith & Wesson M&P AR15

The instruction sheet and Harris product flier are easy to read but not specific to the series, BR model, 1A2 6-9 inch bipod I bought off Ebay for $79.99, S&H included. 

The bipod is light and very well designed, all steel components except for the pads. The return springs are sturdy.

I am going to keep the bipod attached to the rifle in the Pelican case.

There is ample space, just requires a little foam cutting when the bipod is fitted to the stock.

I mounted the Harris HB5 bipod adapter a few weeks ago. Sorry, no pictures of that process. But I paid $12.95 plus tax for that item at High Country Guns in Prescott, AZ for the kit which includes a sling mount. The plastic stock/fore end needed to be removed to access the lower half vent hole pattern. The HB5 female threaded mount bracket that lays in under the heat shield is too long, so you will either need to grind the bracket to clear the plastic stand offs for the heat shield or remove the two stand offs at the front of the guard, my choice. It does not affect the fit or position of the heat guard.

The mounting studs on the bipod match up perfectly to the HB5 adapter holes. The bipod tensioner pulls the mount securely to the rifle.

I may use the sling mount that came with the HB5 adapter to attach the sling to the bipod. The Troy sling swivel mount is pinched a bit when the bipod is folded up.

I bought the bipod to see if I could improve my accuracy at 100 plus yards. The Millet 1-4X24 scope is excellent, as are the Troy folding sights. I am just too shaky even with an elbow post to get repeat hits at the center of the target at any distance.

The bipod fits the case depth perfectly and takes up minimal space. I should be out at a target range in a couple of weeks.

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